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Garlo a 2 casquettes, il est compositeur (visitez Garlo) et manager du studio (voir ci dessous) :

- Garlo is a sound producer
- Garlo likes wine
- Garlo learn music in the street
- Garlo is canadian
- Garlo is always in front of his macs
- Garlo likes sashimis
- Garlo is french
- Garlo drives his car & his motobike
- Garlo speaks french & english
- Garlo have been working in recording studios in Bordeaux, Paris, Fukuoka, Rennes, Santa Fe, Leon,Clermont Ferrand, Londres, Toulouse …

Hans Van Even


Hans Van Even is the living proof that cipaudio likes belgium people :

- Hans made this site
- Hans likes bier
- Hans make scores
- Hans always in front of his pc
- Hans is belgian
- Hans compose
- Hans likes sushis
- Hans is a guitarist
- Hans drives his motorbike
- Hans is french
- Hans likes bier (reprise)
- Hans makes arrangements
- Hans likes chips
- Hans speaks english, german, dutch, french, thaï, bantou & pheul.
- Hans likes bier (reprise 2)
- Hans was in Japan with garlo



Pascal Monjanel


Passcal Monjanel is sound engineer.

- Pascal got 2 fucking ears.
- Pascal like wine.
- Pascal have been to a classical music school.
- Pascal is mastering.
- Pascal always in front of his pc or our macs.
- Pascal like sushis.
- Pascal is a sound engineer since more than 25 years.
- Pascal speak french.
- Pascal have worked with Sivan Perwer who is kurde & live in Sweden.
- Pascal have worked with ...


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