M.GADOU/CHAZAM : Vivants © 1998 cipaudio

"During 3 days, Chazam & Monsieur GAdou, Champions d'Europe recorded in 20 different places, chozen for the quality of their own sounds, so Chazam & Monsieur GAdou played with a baker shop, a highway, a zoo, a children school, a water tower, and more"

M.GADOU/CHAZAM : VivantsThe first discographic recording of Chazam & Monsieur GAdou was done in April 1996. This recording was the same time a 3 days musical performance. Chazam & Monsieur GAdou didn't want to play alone in a anonymous studio becauses that was against their idea of musical heroism and their will of every note challenge, so they decided to play outside. In every places Chazam & Monsieur GAdou were sitting by on one position with their instruments. in every station the same precise ritual was followed :
setting up / 10 minutes,
soundcheck / 10 minutes
imrpvisation / 3 to 15 minutes
clearing / 10 minutes
movement to the next station.
The speed of every session was a condition to keep the musicians under the pressure and in a state of permanent surprise a a way to make surprising music.
Chazam & Monsieur GAdou are European Champions of musical improvisation since they win the first Competition of improvisation music in poitiers / France in 1993.

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1. Hé yo Nanessa HEYONANESSA (whole track)
2. Express
3. 2 Kilos Chef !
4. Va y Josie
5. Shadows
6. LA divine comédie
7. Au pain dégueulasse
8. What kind
9. Rock around the glauque
10. Pschttt !
11. Ils arrivent
12. Aho Nessa
13. Pauv' gars
14. Des efforts
15. In a funky plate
16. LAst passe
17. Slo
18. Les Maki VAri
19. Cloches
20. Saint Pierre said no
21. Perco
22. Vertigo
23. Viens de moi
24. Espoir perdu
25. Deep dog
26. Aqui esta la tuna
27. Tu veux ça ?
28. Mon kazoo
29. Up too tall



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