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"Tribal scandal is no word music with guitars,fuzz, aboriginal rythms, tibetan voices,steel girders, bass and so many more things"

GARLO : Tribal ScandalTribal Scandal is no word music !
The first record of this canadian and french composer was just instrumental. There is not a special style or musical genre and maybe because of that this record was used for a lot of movies, ads and fashion parades in Europe and Japan :
Giani Versace used NEW ABO for his italian and french fashion defiles (not his sound designer... but Giani Versace himself...).
SCENE DE CHASSE & CAR CRASH were main music titles from french movies

KUATUOR was used for french radio programs from Amnesty International
etc etc

"An inventive canadian creates a high-tech fusion that cuts across the boundaries and blends in all sorts of cultural elements" GB/Audion
"MAgical" F/La voix du Nord
"Bass and percussion stuff... a goodly amount of imagination" USA/File
"Eine Rhytmische Welt" Germany/Berlin Mag
"Funky Ritual Music" Germany/Discordia

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1. Montez le son
2. New Abo (whole track)
3. Etnic
4. Etnic
5. Etnic
6. Etnic
7. Bar du coin
8. Metal Noise
9. Pluie Pyrénéenne
10. Whales
11. Whales
12. Whales
13. Whales
14. Whales
15. Reve de pub
16. Rythme 279
17. Loan alone Loan Alone (whole track HAHAHA !)
18. Westnic
19. Westnic
20. Westnic
21. Westnic
22. Jo enrhumé
23. Scene de chasse
24. Moine égaré dans la raffinerie
25. CAr crash
26. CAr crash
27. Scene de chasse extérieur
28. Scene de chasse extérieur
29. Scene de chasse extérieur
30. Kuatuor
31. SVP sans pleurs
32. SVP samplers

GARLO : Tribal Scandal







GARLO : Tribal Scandal


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