GERARD HELLO : Short Stories © 1996 cipaudio

"The acoustic notebook of a wandering guitarist; from a suspension bridge to the window of an apartment in Isatnbul, inside a wine vat or while testing jet reactors, a series of impressionist improvisations interact with each sound environment"

GERARD HELLO : Short StoriesMusical Polaroid. The concept was to record pieces improvised in given place, using the sound environment as a rythmic or melodic element. The ephemeral instant is captured.
All the pieces were created in the very place where they were recorded.
Gérard Hello is a famous gutarist in France, he was a backing musician for french and european tours for HOMESICK JAMES, ELLIOTT MURPHY, WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER, MARC MINELLI, GARLO...

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1. Dry dock
2. Intervalles atonaux dans une cuve
3. Port Doguer
4. Slide dans l'eau (whole)
5. Café con pan gerard hello extract (whole)
6. Pont d'Aquitaine
7. Cihangir, IStanbul
8. Port Doguer Cadaquès *2
9. Aygas
10. Le Verdon
11. Fishtown's Ferrin's
12. Guillotine
13. Un train passe
14. Base s m *2
15. Rue Paulin
16. Typo
17. Clac clac
18. Port Doguer *3
19. Port Doguer Cadaques *4
20. Trains guitare pieces
21. Arcachon Bay
22. St Genès dimanche
23. St Genes dimanche *2
24. Plic ploc
25. Paleta
26. Base s m *1
27. Anechoic chamber
28. Pont d'Aquitaine *2
29. Colonne des girondins
30. Café con pan y carton
31. Jaguar
32. Rideau



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