RIKE : C'est pour toi que je fais ça © 1998 cipaudio

"Soundtrack of the 9th show of the French national circus school; a mix of original songs from Riké ( Métalovoice ) with sounds of this modern circus show."

CNAC: C'est pour toi que je fais çaIndustrial Art. Riké from Metalovoice was in the french popular Steel Drums Band : Les Tambours du Bronx. He likes to use industrial wastes in his music ( old steel cans,pipes, vats and so on). He is working on steel rythms and sounds, searching for metal rythm melodies. Industrial waste is not any more an old unuseful object but become a musical instrument.

Price: €17.00 Postage included


1. Comptine
2. London Pratt
3. Call us
4. Rythmical 1
5. Cobain' song
6. Cheken
7. Rythmical 2
8. Comptine du mineur
9. Dune
10. Rythmical 3
11. Il faut qu ' j ' change de vie
12. Cobain final
13. London Pratt remix by DJ G (whole)



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