GARLO : Because Mots Notes © 1998 cipaudio

"French, American and Scottish writers & poets read their texts, after that I ad the music on their voices- mainly rythmical things"

GARLO : Because mots notesI asked to writers I Like, to write and read a text :
Willi Loco Alexander, Kenneth White, Bernard Manciet, Claude Bourgeyx, Joel Couttausse, Jean PAul Dubois,Jacques Abeille, Hervé Le Corre and Alina Reyès. I made the music after. Mainly in french but Kenneth White made his text in English and french, Willi Loco Alexander (from Boston) in American, Bernard Manciet in Gascon (an old language from south west of france).

"When music meet litterature" SO
"A way to read with the ears... Explosive mixture" Le mag Littéraire
"THE Audio book" Télérama

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1. Il n'y a plus que la patagonie
2. The Holly babble from Fishtown (whole w W Loco Alexander)
3. Grand canyon
4. Le rêve de Jacob
5. Le rêve de Jacob
6. Après quoi
7. La vie est un sport individuel (whole, texts JP Dubois)
8. Le mur
9. Le mur
10. Le mur
11. La décade des 4 vérités
12. La décade des 4 vérités
13. Nuit sur le Labrador
14. Nuit sur le Labrador
15. Wharf
16. Wharf
17. Night in the Labrador
18. Night in the Labrador


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