Compilation La planète bleue vol 4 © 2006 Yves Blanc
"Zuni dub" remix © 2006Cipaudio

"The world tour of innovative music "

GARLO : KazéSome say that the Web and CD writers are responsible for a crisis in recorded music. Nothing is less certain.
Firstly, it is not a crisis. Crises are something we enter, go through and emerge from. In this case, we are turning a page and ending a book.
Secondly, since the rise of rock 'n' roll - and especially since the dawn of the marketing age - major record companies have shown so much disdain towards their artists and the public that it would have been amazing indeed if music lovers had continued to shower them with money. That would have been the real surprise: if record companies had carried on doing thriving business despite peer-to-peer and mp3.
La Planète Bleue provides another approach, another vision, a fundamentally different way of listening.
Throughout the year, radio programme La Planète Bleue examines and dissects international production to root out the most innovatory work.
The La Planète Bleue record collection offers you some of the programme's most appealing discoveries.
It is a global and futuristic collection, characterised by the high level of ambition that has constructed the programme's international reputation.
These days, when you have to pay to be included on many compilations (something the public often does not realise), this radical editorial principle is unusual, ambitious and extreme. Here, the only criterion is artistic. The choice of artists is not negotiated. There are no compromises.
Until now, new-music fans have all too often scorned world music and world-music lovers have generally reciprocated.
On La Planète Bleue, we focus on spatial and temporal correlations, primitive and futuristic blends, and cyber-ethnic perspectives. We explore the forgotten, unvisited continent of world production, where the most exciting creative artists are to be found.
La Planète Bleue turns its (modest) spotlights on artists often left in the shade of the media. All over the world, these musicians are searching for the sound of tomorrow. They are outlining new prospects and inventing the swing of the future.

"Garlo is a strange guy. A citizen of Canada and Bordeaux fascinated by Native American life and by a certain form of - let's call it innovative - technology. His creativitytends to cross lines unsuited as it is to recording-company formats nad radio-programmer conforrmism. for instance, he came up with Vent de Guitares ( guitar wind ) venture : 54 guitars set up on the highest dune in Europe, their hundreds of strings plucked solely by the hand of the wind ...

The traveller- experimenter's latest production is difficult to categorise, a sort of discographical quirk : a little technology, a little ethnology, a few guitars and a fair bit of research. The journey began with Fernando Cellicion a Zuni flautist. The blankets of synthesiser - or at least what the uninformed ear hears as blankets of synthesiser - are really the soud produced by the wind on the strings of a bass and a guitar set up in the sands of Navajo land not far from Monument Valley. Garlo then continued the work on the machines in his studio in Bordeaux. Fresh, mutant music, engaging and strong humanist and ecologist ... "



1. The Album leaf / Twentytwofourteen
2. Otis Teck / Sacrifice
3. Garlo / Zuni Dub
4. Chôying Drouma & Steve Tibbets / Polden Rangjung
5. Bernhard Fleischmann / 02/00
6. Rim Banna / Yo Jammai
7. Tujiko Noriko + Aoki Takamasa / Vynil Words
8. Ernst Reijseger, Mola Stylla & Serigne Gueye / Noon
9. On/Off / Bushfukka
10. On/Off/ Globotomy
11. Arild Andersen Group /Mourn
12. John Surman / Bedruthan Steps
13. Marc Leclair / 1er Jour


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