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"USO - Mensonge Lie "

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USO the original clip is on Youtube :Earth Link
USO an english subtitle version is on Youtube : Earth Link

USO ( lie in japanese) is about Fukushima catastrophe & a no nukes song.
USO use lies that were said in Japan and in France since march 2011.

USO was recorded by Earth Link , here in just a duo version.
Garlo & Takeshi met together in France near Bordeaux where Takeshi use to come since 2010. Takeshi is a known guitarist in the hard rock & metal scene in Tokyo.

A part of the money collected will be given to Fukushima diary who is against media black out in Japan :

on Face book look for Takeshi Suzuki / Garlo Jo & Earth Link


2 USO - Mensonge PB 4 ’11” ( instrumental version)


Uso / Lie english translation

Music Garlo / Takeshi
Words Garlo / Joël Couttausse

the situation is under control
We are doing our best to contain the situation.
What does the manual say about evacuation
Sorry, I don’t remember.
Plutonium loves you for a long time
at least for 24000 years
Strontium is your friend
Don t worry
If sometimes you vomit
The Situation is under control
With sand bags we block the contaminated water
We put up with the situation
I m sorry, I m so sorry
USO   -    LIE
They  have been safely stopped
There is no alternative           
It never killed anybody         
It’s an accident not a catastrophe
It is not a nuclear accident
In the short run it’s not dangerous
If you smile you will not have any radiation effect
We are sorry we are so sorry             
We must cool the installations
And reduce the emissions
We must protect the population
Sorry for the explosion
We must limit radiations
 Oh shit  the nuclear fuel is melting







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